Dec. 15, 2009 Board Meeting

By: Gilbert Talavera, Thursday, December 24th, 2009 04:33 pm PST
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DATE: December 15, 2009
VENUE: Tipanan Restaurant, Newark, CA

ATTENDEES (_x_) Dino Africa _x_ Matt Hizon _x_ Nani Ramirez __ Yollie Aquino _x_ Emma Magbitang __ Willie Salgado _x_ Tom Consunji _x_ Orly Mayor _x_ Art Dancel x__ Arnold Mercado _x_ Jojo Flores _x_ Irvin Sevilla _x_

Peachy Herman __ Caloy Narciso _x_

Guests, Ladies/Gents of LaSalle:

Chona Dancel, Betty Mayor, Christine Consunji, Joe Batto, Ramon & Ella Del Rosario, Jojo de la Fuente, Rose Salgado, Alan Silva


1. Called to order: 7:50PM

2. Approval of the Minutes : September Minutes. First line, changed to “Introduced Joe Batto and Ramon del Rosario as Advisors to the board.” . Item no. 4, Add “Irvin” to Bowling- will email board for other venue.” In addition, November email from Orly to the BOD describing the topics discussed at Richmond Country Club will be transposed to Meeting Minutes template by Irvin and will be included as part of our monthly record of meetings. No need for the Board to approve since it’s not a “valid” session for no quorum of board members were present. Art moved to approve minutes and seconded.

3. Treasurer’s Report: Less $25,500.00, belongs to DLS Lipa. Picnic earnings, includes refund. Case in point, every donation made to the Philippines has to include accounting disbursement from recipient that could be in a form of a receipt or it will be considered as a taxable income. Reminder from the last donation to perpetual scholarship that we should get some sort of a receipt from them too. Art raised a question about the membership totals… Orly responded and confirmed that it’s accurate.

Receipts for the auction items at the Christmas Party to be submitted by Art.

4. Projects: Romi Beza requesting support for DLSU Chorale. They’re offering to perform for us for free in exchange for CD sales as part of their US tour. Details from Romi to follow. Orly, Irvin, Dino and Jojo to help coordinate planning of the “Concert”. Venue suggestions, Herbst theatre and local cathedral that can support the no. of attendees.

Letter to Mango tours: Collect all suggestions to create a new letter then have a vote. Irvin and Tom to write samples and email to the board.

5. Other items:

Orly tendered resignation of his position effective Jan. 1st, 2010. To give another Board Member an opportunity to perform. Arnold put to have a yearly election instead. Either way, Orly would like to exclude himself as an officer. Election has to be done to fill in the position. Ramon asked” why fill the position?” Orly replied that each officer has their own responsibility and must be filled. Tom and Joe Batto reaffirmed hierarchy from Pres. to VP and so on but nothing beyond that. According to Joe Batto, in accordance to the bylaws, the board can elect or appoint any paying member to fill-in any vacant position.

Arnold again suggested yearly elections of the officers, Yo seconded. Joe Batto once again explained the proper procedure in accordance to the bylaws, “only the general membership can amend the bylaws. So we need a general assembly to amend that, although the Board can decide by voting and selection of its officers.”

Orly officially acknowledge Ramon and Yo for fixing our 501C3 issue.

Voting to hold yearly election results

YES: 8 NO: 3

Ramon Del Rosario bids fairwell: Graciously thanked everyone about accepting advisory to the Board. He’s leaving to move to the Philippines in a few weeks. Commended the young generation for stepping up to the plate and to always stay one LaSalle!

Moving forward to the yearly Board officers elections…The Board to form a Comelec, composed of 3 people, Secretary and any member in good standing. President to appoint the head of Comelec while the Board selects its members. The election must be held no sooner than 10 days. Tom suggest to appoint the Comelec now and decide on the date later on. Tom will contact Manolo Relova and Romi Beza and either Secretary, Caloy or Irvin will participate, schedule permitting. Joe Batto was also offered a position on the Comelec, but declined due to a medical procedure that he’s scheduled to undergo in January.

Note: Yearly officer’s of the Board election.

Board of Directors to remain their 2 year term.

Board Election of Officers to be held on January 12th, at Tipanan.

Meeting adjourned @ 9pm

Next meeting

Irvin Sevilla Co-Secretary Approved by the Board of Directors on Dec. 24, 2009.