DLSU Honors Lim Eng Beng

By: Clement Yu, Wednesday, February 17th, 2016 01:36 am PST
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DLSU gives tribute to Lim Eng Beng

Last February 13, 2016, The Office of the President of De La Salle University in cooperation with the family of Lim Eng Beng, celebrated the life of the King Archer with various events.

The tribute started with a Celebration of the Holy Eucharistic at the Pearl of Great Price chapel followed by the opening of the exhibit entitled “King Archer #14 Lim Eng Beng” located at the 6th Floor of the Learning Commons, Henry Sy Sr. Hall. Various memorabilia were displayed to pay homage to the original King Archer. DLSU further honored the late Lim Eng Beng with a short program where DLSU President Br. Ray Suplido FSC announced the institution of the “Gawad Lim Eng Beng” as part of the annual student leadership search referred to as “Gawad Lasalyano.” The Gawad Lim Eng Beng award will be given to the most outstanding student leader in team sports.

It was a nostalgic afternoon attended by Lim Eng Beng’s family, relatives, friends, administrators and alumni.

The tribute was made possible by the participation of the following units: Advancement and Alumni Relations Office, Office of Sports Development, De La Salle Alumni Association, Lasallian Pastoral Office, Strategic Communications Office, The Museum @ DLSU, and The Learning Commons @ DLSU