Former DLSAANC President Jose L. Batto, Jr. (GS’52, HS’56, BSME’61) Passes On

By: Clement Yu, Thursday, October 29th, 2015 08:14 am PST
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October 28, 2015 — Former DLSAANC President Jose L. Batto, Jr. (GS’52, HS’56, BSME’61) passed on early this morning after being rushed to the hospital by his son Jamie the previous night, when Joe complained of severe stomach pain. The cause turned out to be internal bleeding which the doctors unsuccessfully failed to cure leading to Joe’s untimely demise hours later.

Joe was among the senior alumni who were enlisted after Sonny Juico revived the association in 1982 after years of dormancy. Joe was particularly active in the outdoor activities — picnics, camping, rafting — but could wow them all as well with his moves on the dance floor. Joe eventually became president of the association in 1997 after several stints with the board of directors. A Lasallian throughout his school years, Joe continued to serve the association even after his 1997 term and attended the recent summer picnics at St. Mary’s College after surviving a bout with liver cancer, the same disease that his wife Helen Raimundo succumbed to in 2003.

We will miss you, Joe! Rest in peace!