Hizon is 2016 Fil-Am Champion

By: Clement Yu, Friday, November 11th, 2016 07:18 am PST
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2016filamwinners ( Click on the thumbnail for larger picture. L-R: Dan Foz, Rene Gube, Zenon Carlos, Matt Hizon, Jim Feyzbakhsh, Andy Litton [subbing for his guest Jesse Bacaro]. )

Sept. 24, 2016 — Matt Hizon finally bagged a tournament win and it came no less at the association’s annual Fil-AM Championship fundraiser held today at the Shadow Lakes Country Club in Brentwood, CA. This month’s tournament attracted a field of 37 alumni and Lasallian friends who competed in three categories.

Matt Hizon scored the day’s low gross score of 7-over par 79 to win the over-all championship. He played a relatively stress-free round by driving straight long tee shots and sticking many approach shots at the pin.

In Division A, Dan Foz edged Zenon Carlos with a net 68. Zenon actually won a tie breaker against Jun Antoc to win the 2nd place trophy. Both came from the SFPGA Golf Club, who fielded a strong 14-man roster in support of the DLSAANC’s fundraiser. Thank you guys!

Another tie-breaker determined the winner in Division B with Rene Gube (also from the SFPGA club) ending up with the winner over Jim Feyzbakhsh. Both scored an impressive net 65.

The small 3-man Division C competition adopted the Callaway scoring format and was topped by Jesse Bacaro with a net 74.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

The complete results:

Low Gross and Over-all Champion:

79 Matt Hizon (net 64)

Division A

68   Dan Foz

69   Zenon Carlos

Jun Antoc

70   Tito Purugunan

Enrique Olives

71   Mon Dumancas

Manny Noguera

72   Gil Abad

Arnold Mercado

Raul Garcia

73   Mari Valles

74   Clem Yu

75   George Corpuz

77   Andrew Ortega

80   Dante Foronda

Rudy Ruan

Division B

65   Rene Gube

Jim Feyzbakhsh

69   Andy Litton

70   Al Tomas

71   Butch Rastrullo

72   Nutsie Maloles

74   Charlie Gonzales

75   Rey Ortega

Mandy Rosales

76   Bobby Panlasigue

Gilbert Talavera

77   Tony Colmenares

81   Dino Africa

85   Jun Rima

DNF  Orly Mayor

Lou Madamba

Joji Mercado

Flight C

74   Jesse Bacaro

75   Jack Costello

76   Alan Silva