June 29, 2012 Board Meeting

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DATE: June 29, 2012
VENUE: Ongpin Restaurant

ATTENDEES: (x = present) Dino Africa x Matt Hizon x Clement Yu x Yolanda Aquino Emma Magbitang Gilbert Talavera Tom Consunji Manny Noguera Chito de los Santos x Irvin Sevilla x Arnold Mercado x Jojo Flores Jerry Gutierrez
Orly Mayor x Caloy Narciso x

Guests: Ladies/Gents of LaSalle: Rina Hizon

Call to order 8:15 P.M.

Summer Picnic

The picnic at St. Mary’s on June 24th was a success. Attendance this year was slightly less than a year ago, but that was because the date coincided with other events around the area. Thank you to all who have contributed to its success. Bro. Dom attended again this year and, as always, was funny and bright!

The expenses for the picnic are as follows:

Expense Amount Notes Costco 183.12 Picnic supplies and food Safeway 8.45 Ice Safeway 7.44 Dessert Paper Plates Safeway 22 Chips and Salsa Mass 200 Fr. Carl Mass 100 Bro. Martin

Total Expense: 521.01

Centennial T-Shirts

The association also prepared a small number of embroidered collared shirts, dry fit material, to commemorate our Centennial event for $25 each. These were distributed at the picnic. Chito de los Santos, chitodls@dlsaanc.org , is the contact person for all orders and resizing requests. As a reminder, the shirts are big, US sizes.

Fun Night

The next event is on July 28, 2012, which will be our Fun Night (Casino Night – renamed) to be held at the Narciso residence. This will be another fundraiser for the association. Irvin, Emma and Clem to bring mah-jong tables and sets. Manny will contact Tom Umali to lead the poker games. Caloy will serve some finger foods, and Manny will bring some pancit. Irvin will resend the flyer. Members, family and friends are all invited

Centennial Yearbook

The yearbooks have arrived and were distributed during the picnic to those who have paid and who came. Irvin will follow up with the rest of members who have ordered the yearbook, or want a copy. The yearbooks will also be available during the Fun Night, at the Narciso residence.

Other Business

Last month (May), there was no quorum at the scheduled board meeting. Because of the increasing difficulty for a majority of the board to be physically present at any set time and place, a motion was set forward where teleconferencing or videoconferencing was proposed as an acceptable medium to create a quorum for board discussions, activities and other business. This motion was approved by all members present during this meeting.

Meeting adjourned @ 9:45 P.M.

Next meeting is set for last Friday in July, the 27th.

Approved by the Board of Directors on ______________________________

Clement Yu Asst. Secretary