Lomotan, J-Mercado Top Year’s Last Tourney

By: Clement Yu, Sunday, January 23rd, 2011 10:06 am PST
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(Editor’s note — Our apologies for the late posting; we just got the official results!)

Nov. 5, 2010 — Froi Lomotan and Joji Mercado won the Masters and Classics division, respectively, at the last tournament of the year held on Oct. 16 at the Santa Clara Golf and Tennis Club. The twenty-six DLS Greens (and guest golfers) who participated in the tournament enjoyed the peninsula’s mild autumn weather as well as the camaraderie of fellow alumni. They used the gold tees (6,420 yards, 116 slope rating) of the well-maintained municipal golf course of Santa Clara county.

Foursomes were tweaked at the tournament to group the leading DLS Greens Golfer of the Year (GOY) contenders as the last foursome. It provided an interesting sideshow as the Top 2 golfers, Bobby Panlasigue and Manny Noguera, battled it out until the last hole. Both scored impressively: Manny had a gross 81 (net 66) and Bobby had a gross 87 (net 69). At the end, Manny prevailed by garnering the tournament’s third best net score to get 110 GOY points. Bobby figured in a 3-way tie for net 69 and ended up with just 50 GOY points when the tie-breaker went in favor of Tony Colmenares andJim Feyzbakhsh, who then got the 2nd and 3rd place finish for the Classics division. Manny Noguera placed third in the Masters Division behind runner-up Tom Consunji.

Closest to the pin bragging rights went to Rico Medina and Bobby Panlasigue.

The complete net scores:

Masters Division

62     Lomotan, Froi

64     Consunji, Tom

66     Noguera, Manny

71     Riego de Dios, Ron

72     Manalo, Mike

Ramirez, Sonny

Bacarro, Jesse

73     Estella, Poch

74     Hizon, Matt

75     Flores, Jojo

76     Mercado, Arnold

78     Sevilla, Irvin

95     Leoncio, Benjy (gross score due to no handicap)

Classics Division

67     Mercado, Joji

69    Colmenares, Tony

Feyzbakhsh, Jim

Panlasigue. Bobby

70     Magbitang, Jun

Yu, Clement

22     Litton, Andy

73     Romualdez, Nina

74     Medina, Rico

76     Africa, Dino

77     Silva, Alan

80     Gardner, Bill

80     Mayor, Orly