Medina Wins Again At Monarch Bay

By: Clement Yu, Saturday, November 10th, 2012 05:09 am PST
Filed under: DLS Greens

Nov. 10, 2012Rico Medina won his third tournament of the 2012 DLS Green Golf Tour by edging runners-up Manny Noguera and Clem Yu  at Monarch Bay Golf Club.Rico had previously won the June and July tournaments held at Metropolitan Golf Club and Summitpointe Golf Club, respectively. Rico scored a net 72 to beat the runners-up by one stroke. Manny won the tie-breaker with Clem to finish second.

Rico played steady golf during the round by scoring same scores for the front and back nines. He also shared the day’s closest-to-the-pin bragging rights with Dino Africa. The month’s tournament was originally scheduled as the year’s kick-off tournament in March but was rescheduled due to rain. The postponement worked well since the 11 participating golfers enjoyed higher-than-usual temperature today.

The complete net scores:

72     Rico Medina

73     Manny Noguera

Clem Yu

76     Orly Mayor

79     Gilbert Talavera

81     Bobby Panlasigue

Mandy Rosales

82     Jun Jun Rima

83     Dino Africa

Nutsie Maloles

Lou Madamba