2018 Golfer of the Year and DLS Greens first tourney underway!

By: Gilbert Talavera, Sunday, March 24th, 2019 10:56 pm PST
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Congratulations to Rico Medina for winning the DLS Greens 2018 Golfer of the Year Trophy. Likewise to the winners of the first 2019 regular season tournament at Poppy Ridge – Irvin Sevilla (1st), Mandy Rosales (2nd) and Frank Roxas (3rd). Thanks also to Mandy Rosales for coordinating the tournament!

Our next tournament will coincide with the second installment of the North/South friendship competition and will be held in conjunction with the One La Salle Alumni Association Invitational Golf Tournament on at the Los Serranos Golf Club in Chino Hills. Please see attached flyer for details.

Committed players are as follows:

1. Mon Dumancas
2. Frank Roxas
3. Clem Yu
4. Rico Medina
5. Dino Africa
6. Orly Mayor

7. Irvin Sevilla
8. Luther Jao
9. Jun Magbitang
10. Manny Noguera

We are looking to field a team of at least 10, hopefully 15 players to this home and away series with our Southern Cal La Sallian brothers.
Please let me know ASAP if you plan to play so I can reserve the spots with the organizers.


Orly Mayor