Joey de Ocampo Eulogized

By: Clement Yu, Wednesday, January 16th, 2019 08:50 pm PST
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Lasallians pose with the urn containing the remains of the late Joey de Ocampo at the conclusion of the memorial service held today Jan. 16 at Lakeside Presbyterian Church. First row: Vic Santos, Chiqui Ramirez, Former PH Finance Secretary Bobby de Ocampo, Roy Quicho, Tom Umali and Romi Beza. Behind Chiqui is Mari Valles and behind Mari is Mandy Reyes. BTW, all are GS’58 and HS’62 (including Fin Sec. Bobby) except for Romi GS’72 LSGH HS’76. The Bay Area batchmates of Joey turned out in full force to pay their respects to their recently-departed batchmate.

Jan. 16, 2019 — On a stormy midweek afternoon, family, friends, church associates and schoolmates brought some personal sunshine to fore by remembering their dear departed friend and former DLSAANC President Jose “Joey” de Ocampo at a heartfelt memorial service at Lakeside Presbyterian Church in San Francisco.

Pastor Chris Gelini presided over an almost 2 hour celebration of Joey’s life. So-called Irish twin brother Bobby (because they were born within 11 months of each other; in fact, they started schooling together) led the eulogy by linking his brother’s personal traits to the significance of his departed brother’s Feb. 12 birthdate in the Philippines (Japanese liberation during World War II) as well as in the USA (Lincoln’s birthday). The former Philippine Finance Secretary also recounted the several times that his younger sibling managed to overcome dire health prognosis. For their part, Joey’s sons JV and Miguel remembered their father’s sense of humor, faith and courage despite health adversities. Other relatives, friends and fellow Presbyterians echoed the same sentiments. Speaking on behalf of the Lasallian alumni, Joey’s best friend Tom Umali recounted their remarkable time together spanning elementary days to common Philippine employer and eventually their immigrant life in their adopted land in America.

Joey’s fellow GS’58 and HS’62 Bay Area schoolmates, namely Mari Valles, Mandy Reyes, Roy Quicho, Vic Santos, Chiqui Ramirez and of course Tom Umali, came in full force to pay their final respects and condole fellow batchmate Bobby. Joey’s fellow former DLSAANC President Romi Beza was also in attendance.

Up to the end, Joey still managed to make the gathering warm and cozy despite the adverse weather! Way to go, Joey!