April 16, 2010 Board Meeting

By: Gilbert Talavera, Friday, May 21st, 2010 10:24 am PST
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DATE: April 16, 2010

VENUE: Willie and Rose Salgado’s Residence

ATTENDEES (_x_) Matt Hizon _x__ Nani Ramirez ___ Yollie Aquino _x_ Emma Magbitang _x_ Art Dancel _x_ Arnold Mercado _x_ Willie Salgado _x_ Jojo Flores ___ Irvin Sevilla _x_

Peachie Herman ___ Caloy Narciso _x__

Guest: Jun Magbitang, Rina Hizon, Rose Salgado

Agenda approved via email

Christmas party:

Marriott, can accommodate up to 500 guests, but our target audience is about 350. Cost is $43++ (tax and gratuity) roughly $50 per head. $85 at 250 tickets to break even. Yo will use her credit card for mileage and will add credited mileage from last year to pay for Joey Albert’s room. She will also request to get 2 free rooms that can be raffled for future use or at the silent auction held at the Christmas party. We already paid $1500 deposit and final payment is due a week before the event. December 3, 2010 (final payment due). Committee will also launch a souvenir fundraising program where paid sponsors will be charged accordingly for full or half page ads. $50 or $100? Yo also will solicit printing and artwork sponsors to cover additional advertising for the concert.

Willie requested to extend concert/party hours to after midnight.

DLSAANC budget:

$11,151 less $5000 with about $5,800 left over to pay for the 5 picked charities • Bagac • Bro. Donato • Bro. Ravisa • Bahay Pag-Asa

• Benilde for the Deaf

Yo suggested to pick a US charitable institution to remove the shadow of a “pass through”, where donated funds are simply received and donated back to non-registered organizations in the Philippines. The board was asked to research further to be discussed in our next meeting. Irvin added to support any charitable agency in the US that helps the unemployed or maybe create a program that will help La Sallians who are in the same predicament. Irvin will chair this project along with updating our 2010 roster of paid members.

*postpone issuance of payment to all charities and donate remaining $800 to US charitable institution to be named on our next meeting… til Dec.31, 2010…moved by Yo, seconded by CAloy…Unanimous.

Net income $7323.22 (after accrual) less $5800 (Charities), $15,023.22 total…

Yo, Paid $76 license fees for DLSAANC…net of $71 left over.


Successful meeting last month. Suggest to have it regularly and maybe to keep the same venue, but may sway from over-all goal of supporting local La Sallian owned establishment that promotes membership. Art also suggested to make the Tambayan a fund raising opportunity and ask the restaurant host to donate a portion of the total bill towards DLSAANC, but again, this act will sway us from our goal. Whatever amount lost from a possible fund raising opportunity will be returned 10 fold simply by creating a hospitable and energetic gathering for local La Sallians. Networking is the key! Willie added that attendees make an extra effort to bring guests to the Tambayan..


back burner

Golf tournament:

Fil Am…more info from Orly to be discussed on our next board meeting…

Annual Picnic:

Venue: St. Mary’s College When: July 25, Sunday, from 9am to 4pm, Bro.Dom reserved a place for us…11am mass tentative due to availability of a priest. Emma to inquire about priest…Irvin to create a flyer to send as “save the date.”

Support from Arnold, Yo, Caloy, Irvin, Emma and Peachie…chaired by Willie…

Car raffle:

St. Mary’s earned $50K…increased ticket price from $150 to $250 from last year. Prizes: Jeep liberty or $20K cash and additional prizes, $1000, $500 and smaller gifts. Total expenses, $21,500 + other expenses (printing etc…)Netted $50K…Local businesses were not taken into account. Their contributions would have made their raffle more profitable.

We have to be registered to have a raffle, which we are  Only up to Sept. of 2010, then has to be renewed…plus additional accounting reports is required when holding one. The board agrees that the car raffle or any other raffle is a “money maker”, but due to our audience, the raffle will be scaled down. Emma to spearhead the planning and launching of a raffle project by the end of the year which will be presented to the coming board for next year.

Peachie’s column to be revisited next board meeting:

Note the recent update to our website that describe the charitable institutions we support…Thanks to Orly and Romi.

Motion by Art to fill the board vacancies as stipulated in our ByLaws.

The board decided that due to the amount of time left from the current administration, it will be unfair and useless to appoint or fill the vacant seats. If our goal is to have more heads and helping hands, we can still do so without appointing additional board members. Besides, we already have a full calendar of projects set for 2010, added by Matt. Motion by Willie to shelf the idea, seconded by Caloy…Unanimous.

Review of Bylaws

Willie commissioned Art to spearhead a committee that will include both secretaries and Nani to review the Bylaws. Issues and changes discovered will be shared and voted on by the board prior to the General Assembly, where the board will decide which one and if issues will be presented to the General Assembly for a final vote.

Reaching out to our fellow La Sallians:

Caloy suggested to have members list their batch and cores…so we can identify and reach out…

Other items…

Invitation for a memorial mass on April 27 in Fremont, St. James Apostles, Fremont blvd… Art to extend invitation in our googlegroups and ask for a small donation to cover for the $300 cost from the church. Details will be included.

Next meeting at Yo’s, Richmond..date to be emailed.

Meeting Called adjourned: 10:25pm

Irvin Sevilla


Approved by the Board of Directors on May 21, 2010