Aug. 28, 2010 Board Meeting

By: Gilbert Talavera, Friday, October 29th, 2010 10:28 am PST
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DATE: August 27, 2010

VENUE: Round Hill Country Club

ATTENDEES (_x_): Matt Hizon _x_ Nani Ramirez _x_
Yollie Aquino _x_ Emma Magbitang _x_ Willie Salgado _x_
Art Dancel _x_ Arnold Mercado _x_
Jojo Flores _x_ Irvin Sevilla _x_
Peachy Herman _x_ Caloy Narciso _x_

Guests, Ladies/Gents of LaSalle: Deacon Joe & Sylvia Sicat, Jo Sevilla & children (Ceci and Miguel), Jun Magbitang

BalikAsal presentation – Deacon Joe
Post picnic review – Picnic Committee (Chairman Willie Salgado)
In preparation, General Assembly – BOD discussion
Fil Am Golf – Matt Hizon
Bylaws-Review- Art Dancel
Christmas Party – Xmas Party Committee (Chairman Jojo Flores)

  1. Meeting called to order at 8pm- Opening prayer – Led by Caloy Narciso
  2. BalikAsal Presentation – Deacon Joe talked about his charity-based organization that helps put children in chosen Catholic schools in the Philippines by giving a tax deductable donation towards their tuition. With the help of a Catholic organization in the Philippines, who is in-touch with hundreds of schools, they are able to guarantee receipt of your donation. There are many ways of providing assistance and they’re well described on their website, The Board is in favor of supporting this charitable cause and will include in any added information in its regular announcements.
  3. Post picnic review – Chairman Willie Salgado expressed his gratitude to everyone that helped put this successful picnic together. Because of donations given by Emma and Willie to cover the cost of the priest/s, organist and soloist, the committee managed to make a small profit from the bingo games. Our bottom line, everyone had a chance to meet new and old LaSallians from all over the Bay Area, including our beloved Mrs. Ruiz.
  4. ByLaws Review- Chairman Art Dancel- A group comprised of Nani Ramirez, Irvin Sevilla and Caloy Narciso will review the Bylaws and suggest changes that will directly affect the association. Note: Suggestions will be discussed at the meeting prior to the General Assembly, and will only be shared with the members once approved by the Board.
  5. Green and White Xmas with Joey Albert-Chairman Jojo Flores- Venue has been secured and poster design will be finalized soon. Yo will handle the printing of; tickets, posters, souvenir program, sponsors, with the help of “Concert committee”- Arnold, Irvin, Matt, Caloy, Nani, Emma. Irvin will handle the design and layout of the printed materials. Nani, Caloy and Emma will handle the event decorations and silent auction. Arnold to maintain the seating chart and will send weekly emails to update all board members.

Meeting adjourned @ 9:45pm Next meeting: October 29, 2010, venue tbd

Irvin Sevilla

Approved by the Board of Directors on October 29, 2010