August 25, 2009 Board Meeting

By: Gilbert Talavera, Wednesday, September 9th, 2009 04:30 pm PST
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DATE: August 25, 2009, 7pm VENUE: Tipanan, Newark, CA

ATTENDEES (_x_) Dino Africa _x__ Matt Hizon _x__ Frank Roxas ___ Yo Aquino _x__ Emma Magbitang _x__ Willie Salgado_x__ Tom Consunji_x__ Orly Mayor _x__ Irvin Sevilla _x__ Art Dancel _x__ Arnold Mercado _x__ Jojo Flores _x__ Caloy Narciso _x__ Peachy Herman _x__ Nani Ramirez ____

Guests, Ladies / Gents of LaSalle: 1. Ramon and Ella Del Rosario 2. Joe Batto 3. Manolo Relova 4. Rose Salgado 5. Betty Mayor 6. Christine Consunji 7. Chona Dancel 8. Jun Magbitang


Art opened the opportunity for everyone to lead the prayer. Prayer was led by Caloy.


Minutes from previous meeting approved and passed.

3. TREASURER’S REPORT: • Reported that the Family Picnic realized $995 coming from DLS golf hat sales of $350, $535 in pledges and charitable donations, and $70 in new memberships. Cost of picnic is $602 for park fee and food. Park will reimburse deposit of $100. • Yo provided status of DLSAANC tax-exempt status: ▪ DLSAANC is currently not registered as a charitable corporation with the California Attorney General, Registry of Charitable Trusts. To file CT-1 Registration Form with other required docs. ▪ IRS Determination Letter as a 501 (c)3 is not in file, and a copy will need to be obtained from the IRS. ▪ DLSAANC was assigned two different FEINs. The application for Recognition under 501 (c)3 was under #68-, yet all filings of Form 990-EZ, Return Of Income Tax, were under #20-.

▪ Art sent a letter to IRS for guidance to rectify the situation. IRS response is expected in 60 days.


1. Mixer – Art encouraged the Board to continue to support the function as it builds community, increase DLSAANC membership and is fun to spend with friends and fellow Lasallians. Next venue is at Tribu Grill in Union Landing, Union City, CA.

2. Walk for Life / Family Picnic feedback – was fun, successful. Will consider other parks for next year.

3. FILAM Golf –

• Barter offer by Mango Tours was discussed. Value of airline tickets to be donated is yet TBD and flight restrictions of the ticket. Deliberating if tickets, if accepted will be raffled in the FilAm Golf or in the Christmas party.

FILAM Golf (continued):

• Manolo asserted that donations given by Northwest Airlines in the past did not require any complimentary playing spots. If Mango Tours will be given this consideration, he would have to ask for some playing privileges as well to be fair with Northwest Airlines.

• Arnold went through the Assignment List of Responsibilities; will revisit the list in next meeting.

4. KARAOKE NIGHT – trip of the stars was cancelled this year. The event was put in the back burner.

5. CHRISTMAS PARTY – ▪ draft of design of tickets will be prepared, 400 tickets are planned to be printed. ▪ Betty prepared list of responsibilities and assigned Board members to several tasks. The list will be finalized in next month’s meeting. BOWLING – tentative schedule on October 9 in lieu of the Karaoke Night. 6. Other Items:

• Art stated that the current Mission and Vision Statements were written 3 years ago, and its time to revisit and restate. Final version will be published at the home page of the DLSAANC website. Mission and Vision Statements will be reviewed by the Board in the next meeting.

• Next Board meeting on September 9, 2009 in Tipanan in Newark, CA.

Meeting adjourned at 10:05 pm.

Caloy Narciso


Approved by the Board of Directors on: September 9, 2009