July 21, 2009 Meeting

By: Gilbert Talavera, Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 04:38 pm PST
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DATE: July 21, 2009
VENUE: Bistro Luneta, San Mateo, CA


Dino Africa _x__   Matt Hizon ___  Frank Roxas  ___
Yo Aquino _x__  Emma Magbitang _x__ Willie Salgado  _x__
Tom Consunji _x__ Orly Mayor _x__  Irvin Sevilla  _x__
Art Dancel _x__ Arnold Mercado  _x__
Jojo Flores _x__ Caloy Narciso ___
Peachy Herman  ___ Nani Ramirez _x__

 Guest, Ladies / Gents of  LaSalle:

1. Ramon and Ella Del Rosario    3. Betty Mayor   5. Jun Magbitang
2. Rose Salgado.    4. Chona Dancel



Led by Art Dancel


Minutes from previous meeting approved and passed.  From last month’s Other Items in the Minutes, Art gave an update on the following:

  1. The Golf hats may or may not be ready by the Annual Picnic day, but if they were, it’s been decided to sell them for $15 each and offer to accept any donation on top of that (no obligation).   Four complimentary hats will be sent to DLSAASC for the use of their archer logo. 
  2. Bro Gus acknowledged DLSAANC’s pledge of a ‘room’ in the Bahay Pag Asa facility for an installment payment of at least $1000 per year. 
  3. Art picked up a box of books donated by Books for the Barrio for DLS Lipa c/o Br Mawel Pajarillo, President. The box to be shipped with some medical equipment for Bahay Pag Asa from Jerry Gutierrez.


Yo didn’t get Matt’s receipt, $155 will be placed under miscellaneous expense for the time being.  Cost of the golf hats, $493 includes tax and special handling (72 hats).  4 pcs compliments to SoCal for use of their logo. Hats to retail at $15 for fund raising.  Need to file extension for Form 990 EZ (Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax) by August 15. (will be signed by returning officer of the board)  Orly or Art (candidate).  Will be reviewed further by Yo, cost of $25 for software to guide filing and update current forms. $5364, current balance of funds.  10 new members joined since January.

  • (Mixer), sustain on a monthly basis, 3rd Thursday of the month. Alternate Peninsula and East Bay.  Next Venue, Bistro Luneta. August 20.

Picnic Additional Assignments:

  • Rice (Nani and Jojo)
  • 2 liter bottle of Soda from each board member (family)
  • Case of bottled water from Jojo and Art.
  • To send soft invitation with RSVP request this week for picnic
  • Yo will need ncga member list from Orly to confirm membership.
  • Looking for LaSalle banner.

Fil-Am Golf

  • Arnold will need flyer and sponsor benefits templates from Art.

Karaoke Night

  • Dingdong Avanzado changed travel plans.  October 9 tentative, Friday, Venue: open. Ron emailed to follow up on venue.

Christmas Party

  • December 5, Saturday, Embassy Suites.  Band confirmed ($1300), party ticket is $75 per.

Other items:

  • Car Raffle to be revisited in November.
  • Art’s parish is having a raffle for $2 per ticket with prizes as high as $1000…being used as an example.  Will be REVISITED in NOVEMBER.
  • By Laws-  a couple of members  due to non participation would be removed from the Board.  It’s been decided that Art give both members a personal call to find out the extent of their participation.  (Ron Riego de Dios and Joji Mercado)

Meeting adjourned at 10 pm

Next meeting:  August 25, 2009 at Tipanan Restaurant in Newark, CA, 7:00 pm

Irvin Sevilla

Approved by the Board of Directors on:  August 25, 2009