Consunji, J. Mercado Top Monarch Bay Tourney

By: Clement Yu, Saturday, May 17th, 2014 12:32 am PST
Filed under: DLS Greens

May 17, 2014Tom Consunji and Joji Mercado won the A and B division, respectively, at the year’s third tournament held today at Monarch Bay Golf Club in San Leandro. Twenty-three golfers competed in this month’s tournament with 13 at Flight A and 10 at Flight B. Monarch Bay Golf Club has become a regular stop for the annual DLS Greens Golf Tour but 2014 provided a difference since the golfers had a head start against the usual gusty winds when they had a mid-morning 10a tee time. The wind nevertheless provided a challenge for the golfers early on.

In Flight A, Tom Consunji’s 3-under 68 edged Mike Manalo by a stroke. Mike actually won a scorecard tiebreak with Ron Riego de Dios, who was the scoreboard leader at the turn but faltered at the back nine with consecutive bogeys from holes 10 thru 16. Tom bogeyed 4 holes  at the front nine but steadied his game after the turn with only two bogeys. Mike won the tiebreak by scoring 3 strokes better than Ron at the back nine. The runner-up honors was a boost to Mike, who has experienced a slump in the past months.

In Flight B, Joji Mercado’s 4-under 67 also edged second-placer Bet Espiritu. Joji shaved 5 strokes off his front nine score after the turn despite the stronger afternoon winds. Third placer was Bobby Panlasigue — always the tournament’s best dresser — with his favorite number, 69.

Happy golfers pose for a sourvenir photo at the end of their round: (L-R) Jun Magbitang, Orly Mayor, Joji Mercado, Monsour del Rosario, Nelson Galang, Lawrence Lua, Ron Riego de Dios, Irvin Sevilla and Luther Jao.

The complete scores:

Flight A

68     Tom Consunji

69     Mike Manalo

Ron Riego de Dios

70     Willy Cabangon

72     Irvin Sevilla

76     Ramon Dumancas

Monsour del Rosario

77     Enrique Olives

78     Lawrence Lua

82     Sonny Ramirez

83     Gilbert Yu

90     Clement Yu

97     Geejay Jurado

Flight B

67     Joji Mercado

68     Bet Espiritu

69     Bobby Panlasigue

71     Nutsie Maloles

72     Jun Magbitang

78     Luther Jao

82     Nelson Galang

85    Orly Mayor

87     Dino Africa

100   Ed Bondoc