January 2011 Board Meeting

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DATE: 15 January 2011 VENUE: 2476 Fiji Way, San Leandro, CA ATTENDEES (_x_) x Irvin Sevilla x Dino Africa Emma Magbitang x Arnold Mercado Tom Consunji x Orly Mayor x Yo Aquino x Jojo Flores x Manny Noguera Caloy Narciso x Jerry Gutierrez x Chito de los Santos x Clement Yu Matt Hizon Gilbert Talavera

Total: 10

Guests, Ladies/Gents of LaSalle: Rico Medina, Mandy Reyes, Tina de los Santos, Dra. Me-Ann Africa, Betty Mayor and Maggie Go-Yu


Meeting called to order at 9:15 pm.

The board accepted Art Dancel’s resignation. Irvin formally invited Dino Africa to serve as a board member. Orly seconded. Approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Yo presented the Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2010 for the DLSAANC. The results for the year included a $1,700 positive net from the December Christmas party, mainly due to sponsorship of the event. As we learned from our last Christmas party, for the future, it has been suggested to allocate a set an amount of tickets per board member to alleviate the dependence on sponsorship funding. The $1,700 net proceeds will be broken down as follows: $700 to be given to One LaSalle and $500 each to Bahay Pag-Asa and Books for the Barrios. Also with the end of 2010, all liabilities from grants and pledges from the previous year have been paid out, as noted below 1. One LaSalle, which includes the Ondoy Relief Fund, received $1,000. This total includes $50 that had been added from the general fund, the previous 2009 liability amount of $250 and the $700 from the Christmas party. It was suggested that the use of these funds be restricted to purposes stipulated by DLSAANC. 2. DLS Bagac received $1,200 which is shown as two 2009 liability entries on the Balance Sheet 3. Bahay Pag-Asa received $1,500, of which $1,000 was the original 2009 liability and $500 was added from the Christmas Party. 4. DLS Lipa was given $1,000, from the 2009 liability. 5. St Benilde – School for the Deaf was apportioned $1,000, from the 2009 liability. 6. The Bro. Donato Fund was given $1,000, from the 2009 liability.

7. Books for the Barrios received $1,300, of which $800 was from the 2009 liability and $500 was from the Christmas party. Help may be needed in packing the books. Yo will confirm the request and the date.

Yo also presented the current list of 44 members who have paid their dues, plus 1 lifetime member. The current total of 45 is down from the previous year. The due date for membership is January 31st, per our by-laws. A proposal was made to extend the membership drive through February. There seems to be a need for a reminder at the end of the year for membership renewal. To maximize the membership for the current year: 1. Yo will provide a list of members from last year who so far have not paid their dues for 2011. 2. Clem/Caloy will send a letter to the general membership as a reminder. The letter shall include a thank you for everyone who made the Christmas party a success, and highlight the upcoming Centennial celebration in 2011.

3. There was a suggestion to build the membership database with email address and use an automated program such as Constant Contact to provide reminders to the names on the database. Nani has administrative rights to the DLSAANC Google groups, and will be approached to see if the contact information from the Google groups can be exported to the membership database.

As of the current board meeting, the DLSAANC has approximately $7,800 available funding.


Centennial book: DLSAA So Cal, along with several other chapters, are putting together a one-time year book for North America commemorating the DLS Centennial celebration Seven chapters will share set up cost, which will amount to about $ 100 dollars for each chapter. The cost per chapter may decrease if additional alumni chapters join the project. Each member may give one-photo. This project will benefit One LaSalle. Each book will cost 30-40 dollars apiece. The target is to have this ready for the Centennial celebration in October. This project was approved by the board. Clement/Caloy to add this initiative in the general letter mentioned above/.

Charity in the US: Irvin propose an effort helping LaSallites in the US, especially with the current job market. Ideas include using Facebook, and generating business cards, to share contact information and provide networking opportunities. Irvin will design a business card and share with the board.

Tambayan Mixer: On every 3rd Thursday of the month, a table in Intramuros is available for a Tambayan.mixer, courtesy of Mark DeLeon.

Board Meetings: Board meetings are scheduled to start at 7PM every last Friday of the month, with a rotating venue. The board prefers this event to be separate from the Tambayan Mixer. Dates may be adjusted based on holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Moved by Nogy. Seconded by Irvin. Approved.

La Salle First: Irvin suggested pushing a LaSalle First agenda, which involves patronizing businesses that are owned, operated, or otherwise connected with other DLS alums. The propose instrument to start this is a directory.

The opportunity to be included in a DLS directory shall be added by Clement/Caloy into the general letter.

Calendar for 2011: A proposal was circulated to create a DLSAANC calendar for 2011 which will include the following major events: a bowling fundraiser in April, the annual picnic in July, the Fil-Am golf tournament in September, and the Christmas party in December. The bowling fundraiser is a new activity, and a site needs to be selected. Irvin will ask about the bowling facilities in Castro Valley. Nogy will check out Serra Bowl. Other board members are encouraged to investigate other sites. It was also proposed that the summer picnic commemorate the Centennial for DLS. The Fil-Am tournament is targeted to be in held at Shadow Lakes due to excellent value and service. The organizers of the La Salle – Ateneo annual challenge will explore the possibility of holding the competition at this Fil-Am tournament as well.

Website: The board agreed on the needs to update the current DLSAANC website, especially with regards to providing easy access to membership. The board, though, wants to keep the emphasis on charity with the current web page. Irvin will talk to Romi and Pepper with this regards. There is also the suggestion to copy look and feel of the DLS Southern Cal web page ( http://lasalletoday.socialgo.com/). There also was a suggestion for a link to the DLS Facebook page, and to include a link for membership sign-up to the Association.

Other items:

Romi is asking for an article on the Christmas Party. Jojo will provide a short write up including an acknowledgement of the people who pitched in. Nogy requested the write up and a picture for circulation with the print media. Jojo will follow up with the videos for the Christmas party.

The Board thanked Orly and Betty for hosting the board meeting at their house.

Meeting adjourned @ 10:46 pm.

Next meeting will be on 25th of February, 2011. VenueTBD.

Clement Yu

Assistant Secretary

Approved by the Board of Directors on ______________________________