January 16, 2009 Minutes

By: Gilbert Talavera, Sunday, February 15th, 2009 05:12 pm PST
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DATE: January 16, 2009, 7pm VENUE:Ongpin Restaurant, So San Francisco, CA

ATTENDEES (_x_) Dino Africa ___ Matt Hizon _x_ Nani Ramirez _x_ Yollie Aquino _x_ Emma Magbitang _x_ Ron R de Dios _x_ Tom Consunji _x_ Orly Mayor _x_ Frank Roxas ___ Art Dancel _x_ Arnold Mercado _x_ Willie Salgado ___ Jojo Flores _x_ Joji Mercado ___ Irvin Sevilla ___ Peachy Herman___ Caloy Narciso _x_

GUESTS: Manny Noguera, Mike Lim, Bill Gardner


1. Opening prayer was led by Art.

2. Art welcomed the Board members to the first meeting with a message of openness to new ideas and innovations to sustain growth, promote progress, achieve goals and accomplish the mission. And with the Lasallian spirit of unity and service, continue to build the DLSAANC community based on respect, integrity, transparency and truth.

3. The transition of financial responsibilities was discussed. The Treasurer, Yolanda suggested to open a new bank account that will provide special accommodations such as picking up deposits from her office in downtown San Francisco. Matt, outgoing Treasurer will provide the Balance Sheet as of December 31, 2008 which will reflect the beginning balance of the new administration. $5000 funds were turned over to the new administration for its operating expenses plus $2135 from Membership dues for 2009. Yolanda to forward signature cards to respective Officers to open the bank account probably with CoAmerica.

4. Art to forward the By-Laws of DLSAANC as a bank requirement to open the account. Fed ID will also be submitted to the bank c/o Yolanda.

5. We had open discussions on identifying projects for the year as follows:

a. Walk for Life – Art suggested to make it a fund-raising activity for the Association. b. Dinner / Dance / Casino Night – Art suggested to have this event in one evening. Yolanda suggested Hornblower facility as an option. c. Rock Concert – Ron suggested an evening of entertainment with notable Filipino personalities on the program. d. Car Raffle – Emma suggested to sell raffle tickets for a car as grand prize. Further studies will be provided by the respective project leads and will be presented at the next meeting.

6. Matt to provide roster of membership for 2009 to match the $2135 annual membership dues.

7. The Board agreed to sponsor a full page ad in the amount of $200 for the upcoming World Congress in Los Angeles, CA. The full page ad will contain all the names of the current members.

8. A suggestion was made to revisit the By-Laws of the Association . A motion was made that a committee be formed of previous presidents and the two current Secretaries to review the policies and procedures of the General Elections as stated in the By-Laws. It was recommended that the committee be comprised of Manny Noguera, Tom Consunji, and Joe Batto or Mandy Reyes , Caloy Narciso and Irvin Sevilla.

9. The next meeting was decided to be on February 15, 2009 at 2pm. The Magbitangs offered their home for the venue.

10. The meeting was adjourned at 9:45pm.

Carlos Narciso


Approved by the Board of Directors on February 15, 2009 at its regular monthly  meeting held at the Magbitang residence..