March 25, 2011 Board Meeting

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DATE: 25 March 2011
VENUE: 73 Camaritas Ave., South San Francisco


x Irvin Sevilla            x Dino Africa               Emma Magbitang

x Arnold Mercado    x Tom Consunji      x Orly Mayor

Yo Aquino                 Jojo Flores           x Manny Noguera

x Caloy Narciso         Jerry Gutierrez     x Chito de los Santos

x Clement Yu          x Matt Hizon               Gilbert Talavera

Total: 10

Guests, Ladies/Gents of LaSalle: Ron Riego De Dios, Mandy Reyes, Tom Umali, Betty Mayor, Christine Consunji, and Rina Hizon


Meeting called to order at 8:15PM

Minutes for February Board meeting will be approved by board through email.

Centennial Fundraiser:

The sponsorship letter sent out to the board prior to the meeting. Clem was assigned to start circulating even if it is not due until August. A portion of the sponsorship will to go to One LaSalle.

A picture of the wrist watch by Swatch, commemorating the Centennial, is posted on Facebook. Original cost is $200+. North American alumni groups contracted Casio as new supplier for a watch with the centennial logo. Updated cost is about $20-30, and a planned selling price of $50 plus tax. This new watch has been approved by Manila. Irvin will get the timing of the bulk order. There was a concern that the organization would need a SRBH California State Board of Equalization (CSBE) number for the sales tax. Irvin will confirm with Yo if this is possible with the organization’s non-profit status. Irv also wants to push the yearbook

On a side note, the DLS Alumni association is of SoCal is not 501c3, and ask if they can do joint fundraising with NorCal. This again has to be reviewed. SoCal is also willing to share some of resources, e.g. credit union membership.

Membership Drive:

BetBet Espiritu and Bo Santiago talked to Irvin about doing membership drive. They volunteered to recruit from their batch, HS 78. They believe some alumni do not know about the organization, or haven’t been invited. The suggestion is to get a venue, next month before the picnic, for the drive. At the drive, the board can talk about the projects, and Irvin can set up a photo op for yearbook pictures. Candidates can pay $35 dollars, to become a member. If not, we still add their names to the database.

There was a reminder that July 24th is date of the picnic, and it will be at St Mary’s. The site was secured by Bro Dominic. Emma was assigned to invite a priest.

Planning is needed by the next week to host the membership drive next month. It should hold at least 50 people Suggestions for venue include the 2nd floor of Library or Rec Center at FC. Tom C. will check the FC venues. Other possible venue is the house of Jerry Guitierrez. Irvin will check with Jerry. Irvin will make the formal invitation. All will need to talk to known members who have not renewed. Any names need to be submitted to continue to build our database.


Price will be $20 for adults $5 for kids (free for 10 and below) for bowling. Reservations at Serra Bowl will be for a minimum of 5 lanes, one for the kids. Date will be May 1 with a 10 AM start. It will last for 3 hours with lunch after at a buffet. Possibilities for lunch include:. Kome, Beijing, or Moon Star. Nogy can handle the media for this and all future events.

Casino Night:

Willie Salgado has given the okay to use his residence for Casino Night. Target date is June 18th. Committee head is Tom Umali, Other members of the committee are: Chito, Tom C., and Dino.

Other items:

DLS Greens is going to given a slot at the PAL interclub next year. It will include two teams: one regular, and one senior. Also there was a suggestion to invite the top 2-3 flights from Ateneo-La Salle Golf Outing to a rematch during the planned Phil-Am tournament.

Romi volunteered to post material, on past and future projects, on the website. Secretaries to send write ups based on minutes.

Irvin want to continue to stress LaSalle First.

There was a suggestion to start planning for holiday event. Tom U. Since New Year’s Eve is on Saturday this year, we need to get the venue first for a New Year’s Eve party. Everyone assigned to start looking for a venue.

Irvin want to push Facebook for communications.

There will be a mass for Tom U’s mother on April 9th at St. Luke’s in FC at 5PM. Father Jonathan is the priest. It is also an anticipatory mass for Sunday, April 10th.

Meeting adjourned @ 9:45 PM.

Next meeting will be on 29th of April, 2011. VenueTBD.


Approved by the Board of Directors on April 2011.