April 24, 2009 Board Meeting

By: Orly Mayor, Thursday, May 28th, 2009 05:05 pm PST
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VENUE: Salgado residence, Dublin, CA

ATTENDEES (_x_) Dino Africa _x_ Matt Hizon _x_ Nani Ramirez___ Yollie Aquino___ Emma Magbitang___ Ron R de Dios___ Tom Consunji_x_ Orly Mayor _x_ Frank Roxas _x_ Art Dancel _x_ Arnold Mercado___ Willie Salgado_x Jojo Flores ___ Joji Mercado ___ Irvin Sevilla ___

Peachy Herman___ Caloy Narciso___

Guests, Ladies/Gents of LaSalle

1. Manny Noguera 3. Rose Salgado 5. Marilou Raymundo

2. Mark De Leon 4. Christine Consunji 6. Chona Dancel

MINUTES: Meeting in Session, 8:05pm

1. Prayer led by President Art Dancel.

2. Due to the absence of a quorum to vote for approval, the Minutes of the March 27 Board meeting will be emailed again by Art Dancel to the members of the Board for any comments and/or changes. If no response is received from a Board member, he/she is considered to have casted a vote to approve the Minutes.

3. The Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet distributed earlier via email by Treasurer Yoly Aquino was accepted as presented. Total Cash in Bank / Assets amount to approx. $7,200.

4. Art Dancel stated that he estimates around 20 members of DLSAANC will be attending the World Congress in Los Angeles next month. He will inform DLSAASC accordingly.

5. Projects: a. Mixer – Mark de Leon suggests that Thursdays would be ideal for the monthly mixer. He will ask vendors to subsidize the drinks, and LaSallians will be given a discount. There will be no cover charge. The Mixer will be promoted on the DLSAANC webpage and googlegroup email distribution list. The goal of the mixer is to open opportunities for networking, and to increase DLSAANC membership.

b. Christmas party – scheduled on Saturday, Dec 5, 2009; band has to be secured early; Intramuros is a possible venue, subject to review by the committee. Frank Roxas to finalize committee assignments.

c. Walk for (Life) LaSalle – to coincide with the Family Picnic on July 25, 2009 at Fremont Park. Art Dancel to work with Orly Mayor and Willie Salgado. Participation is free but they are encouraged to obtain pledges for $5 per mile. Members are also encouraged to solicit sponsors at the rates of $25 and $50 for medium and large ad banners respectively to be displayed at the picnic site.

d. Karaoke Night with the Stars – will be held sometime in the third quarter. Tom Consunji suggests that a legal opinion be obtained in order to make sure that the visa status of overseas performers are not jeopardized.

e. Car Raffle – Art Dancel mentioned that according to Emma Magbitang, St. Mary’s College has been successfully conducting car raffles on a yearly basis. Art Dancel spoke with one of the organizers at St. Mary’s and discussed the possibility of St. Mary’s helping DLSAANC with its car raffle. Board members present agreed that Art Dancel should proceed with a letter to formalize the arrangement with St. Mary’s to help sell car raffle tickets for a 10% commission.

f. Fil Am Golf – scheduled for Saturday, September 19, 2009. Tournament fee will be $90. Despite the various work required to host the event, it will be sustained as it has become a annual fund-raising activity (5th year).

g. Bahay Pag-asa – Bro Gus Boquer is expected to attend the May 29 Board meeting and he will be able to provide details about the room sponsorship at Bahay Pag-asa in Dasmarinas.

6. Web Hosting – continue with the current hosting service provided by Pepper Nakpil for the annual fee of $160. The fee has been paid.

7. Committee to Review By-Laws – members are Tom Consunji, Manny Noguera, Mandy Reyes, and co- Secretaries Carlos Narciso and Irving Sevilla. The committee is advised to proceed with its review.

8. No further matters were discussed. The Board thanks Willie and Rose Salgado for hosting the event.

9. Next meeting is scheduled on May 29, 2009 Friday in Intramuros Restaurant at 101 Brentwood Dr, So San Francisco, CA 94080. Gathering time is 7pm.

10. Meeting adjourned at 9:55 pm.

Orly Mayor

Vice-President (on behalf of the Secretaries)

Approved by the Board of Directors on May 28, 2009 at the meeting held at Intramuros Restaurant.