May 26, 2009 Board Meeting

By: Gilbert Talavera, Friday, June 19th, 2009 05:03 pm PST
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DATE: May 28, 2009, 7pm VENUE: Intramuros Restaurant, South San Francisco, CA

ATTENDEES (_x_) Dino Africa___ Matt Hizon___ Nani Ramirez _x_ Yollie Aquino_x_ Emma Magbitang _x_ Ron R de Dios___ Tom Consunji_x_ Orly Mayor _x__ Frank Roxas _x_ Art Dancel_x_ Arnold Mercado_x_ Willie Salgado_x_ Jojo Flores_x_ Joji Mercado ___ Irvin Sevilla _x_ Peachy Herman _x_ Caloy Narciso___

Guest: Ladies/Gents of LaSalle: Chona Dancel, Christine Consunji, Betty Mayor, Rose Salgado, Jun Magbitang

Special guests: Bro. Gus Boquer, FSC, Romi Beza, Manny Noguera, Mandy Reyes, Gerry and Tina Gutierrez

Meeting Called to order @ 9:15pm

Approval of minutes of previous board meeting, motion approved and seconded.

Treasurer’s report

Due to outstanding checks, previous account will be closed and money left over will be turned over by Matt. We don’t have enough cash-flow.  Membership collection has been slow. Membership correction, Marilou Raymundo for Manny Noguera and Orly Mayor for Fernando Alvarez.

Sponsorship of Bahay Pag-asa: Bro. Gus

The Youth center has all kinds of facilities. Individuals / organizations are encouraged to sponsor a room for construction (P500K per room) with a marker at the door of the room to reflect sponsors. DLSAANC to sponsor a room. Board to inform Bro. Gus as to payment (pledge) plan. July 2010 is opening date. Payment plan of 3 to 4 years will be decided upon. Motion of a pledge of $10K has been approved.

Mixer project, informal gathering of alumni

Goal is to increase membership with a gathering to be held every 3rd Thursday of every month. Marc de Leon and Frank Roxas will develop a program to kick off mixer. June 18 is start date. Bar will be utilized, band and singing, on-stage participation. Starts at 8pm. Pay your own, discounted food to all Lasallian and friends. Suggestion to bring at least 1 member. Also, in order to give other members, a suggestion to offer mixer venue to rotate among other Lasallians or offer other Lasallian business/restaurant owners an opportunity to host.

Romi talked about going through the members list and alert them to collect unpaid membership. Some members who have not renewed or paid their dues need to be reminded so we have to initiate the process.

Family picnic

July 25, Saturday, Fremont Park, Lake Elizabeth, Walk for Life. No registration fee, but will ask sponsors of $25-$50 each with a half and full-size banner showing sponsor’s name. 10am to 11:30 is for Walk for Life. Lunch is provided for free.

FilAm golf

To be held at Skywest golf course in Hayward .

Karaoke night

Jojo will meet with Dingdong in Manila to finalize his schedule. Ron and Joji to work out venue.

Car Raffle

Deciding on which car, exploring possibilities. Suggestion to cap $20,000. Suggestion to find out if World Congress actually made money. Explore worst case scenario. What’s our downside and risk??!! Legal obligation and exposure? I (Irvin) move to explore other raffle prizes other than a car or better yet, we should start from scratch and present a better proposal that includes cost, local laws and bottom line. Art formed a committee to provide recommendations, made up of Emma, Peachy and Orly.

Medical Supplies Donation

Gerry to donate medical supplies to be sent to Manila through DLSAANC and we will be reimbursed for shipping cost. The size of the shipment, maybe a “container”. Motion was made and approved.


Jojo Flores to share a webhosting software that we can explore for free. Possible forum and enhancement of our current website functionalities. We will still however stay with our current vendor since price is very reasonable for the amount of work we require. Then again, nothing beats “FREE” webhosting!

Bro Gus Message:

• Social significance, creative, social relevance in tune with education • June 16, 2011-12 event aligned with the centennial celebration of La Salle 100 years • 20% of 17 La Salle Institutions to generate 100,000 new jobs in various fields of endeavor • Philippine Society addressed by Lasallian education advocacy

Meeting Adjourned at 11:15 PM

Irvin Sevilla


Approved by the Board of Directors on June 19, 2009.