June 23, 2009 Board Meeting

By: Gilbert Talavera, Tuesday, July 21st, 2009 05:00 pm PST
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DATE: June 23, 2009, 7pm VENUE: Tipanan Restaurant, Newark, CA

ATTENDEES (_x_) Dino Africa _x_ Matt Hizon _x__ Nani Ramirez ___ Yollie Aquino _x_ Emma Magbitang _x_ Ron R de Dios ___ Tom Consunji ___ Orly Mayor _x__ Frank Roxas ___ Art Dancel _x_ Arnold Mercado _x_ Willie Salgado _x_ Jojo Flores ___ Joji Mercado ___ Irvin Sevilla _x_

Peachy Herman ___ Caloy Narciso _x__

Guests and Ladies/Gents of LaSalle: Manolo Relova, Rose Salgado, Betty Mayor, Chona Dancel, Jun Magbitang.

Meeting called to order at 8:10pm.

1. Opening prayer led by Art Dancel.

2. Minutes of the May 28, 2009 meeting was approved by the Board via email on June 19 and published thereafter.

3. Treasurer’s report: Yo Aquino Matt Hizon clarified the $155.43 remaining balance from the prior administration represents items that have been expensed. He will provide receipts. The receivable (income) will be offset by the expense.

Received 2 membership checks from Mark De Leon and Alan Dimayuga, and donation of $100 from Dimayuga. Total deposits of $170. Cash balance is approx $6,800.

4. Mixer: June 30, Tuesday, Intramuros Restaurant Bar

Frank withrew lead from Xmas party and Mixer. And Irvin to take over partial responsibility on the Mixer. Art’s conversation with Mark de Leon, about suggesting a program…to be held on a Tuesday, with exclusive use of one of the function rooms. Show a DVD of bahay pag-asa and show charity programs that we have. Who will attend the mixer? To be sent to all googlegroup LaSalle members. After a short deliberation, it’s been decided that the Mixer should start out as a casual get together with no written agenda (suggested by Arnold), but simply a “hang out” type tambayan (suggested by Orly). However, a poster of some sort can be put together at the front door (optional) or a businesscard bowl for attendees to leave their information for future networking. Irvin to prepare the invitation and coordinate with Mark de Leon.

5. Family Picnic: July 25, Fremont Park Picnic responsibilities are as follows: Registration: Yo and Irvin Food assignments: • Tri-tip :Irvin to do the Costco run with Yo-will be re-imbursed • Art, Caloy, Dino for Pancit… • Yo, Orly, Emma, Peachy – potato salad, fresh fruits, green salad • Willie, order from Aling Cely, Shanghai lumpia • Each Board member to bring 2 liter bottle (soda) • Art, Matt, Irvin-Cooler w/ice • Chips and Salsa, Hotdogs and buns (Costco) Food assignments (con’t): • Utensils, garbage bags, plates, cups, to do Costco Run. • Costco purchase will be absorbed by DLSAANC

• Tent, banners, camera, PA system (Caloy, Art . . . )

6. Filam Golf: Skywest, Sept. 19 To be held on September 19 at Skywest Golf Course in Hayward. Cost of play are as follows: $98.00 Golf & Dinner $20 Dinner Only

Prize include a R/T ticket to Manila from Northwest Airlines.

7. Christmas Party

To be held on December 5 at Embassy Suites. Art to negotiate Band Cost of $1100 for Friday, $1400 for Saturday (Name of the Band is Synthesis). Price per ticket, dinner included, $75 per person.

8. Car Raffle update Legalities: Required 5013C and need a beneficiary to move forward. There are 3 proposals that Jun and Emma Magbitang proposed to the board.  $25×1000 Tickets  $50×600 Tickets  $100×600 Tickets

They also suggested a possible joint project with Apo (Alpha Phi Omega). After a long deliberation, due to the economic recession, it’s been decided to postpone the actual raffle for next year but details to be revisited in November.

9. Others • Art suggested a Golf visor fundraiser. To be purchased at a San Ramon-Uniform store, Visor golf hat, $6 cost, 72 pcs minimum. Free set up fee with 72pcs minimum order. Logo to be explored further and approval will be done via email. Been decided to be sold picnic day, July 25 • Bahay pag-asa, $10K pledge of ‘room’ in the new facility in Dasmarinas, will be for at least $1K per year.

• Bro. Mawel Pajarillo, president of DLS Lipa, asking for a donation of books for their Library, for ages 7-9. Jun Magbitang suggested to contact Books for the Barrio and Art will follow up and get all information.

10. Next Board meeting: July 21, Tuesday, Bistro Luneta Restaurant, 615 E. Third Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94401 at 7pm.

Meeting adjourned @ 9:30pm

Irvin Sevilla


Approved by the Board of Directors on ______July 21, 2009_______